A downloadable game for Windows

Submission for Seattle Indies Game Jam 2018

You play as Malcolm and he lost all his teeth. Find some teeth on the ground and attach it back to your jaw. Impress your neighbors with your great smile and win their favor.

There is a boss and you will need your neighbors help.


WASD - movement
LMB - spin head / interact (if possible)
RMB - teeth placement

programmer: zomawia sailo
level design: stephanie kwak
assets: unity asset store
audio: freesounds.org


Install instructions

Extract from zip file.

Run the executable.


Smiling At Neighbors - SIGJ2018.zip 89 MB


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A hilariously silly game overflowing with character. Admittedly, the seemingly "lolsorandom" appearance of the game had me balking at first, but it's hard not be won over by its silly charm when taken honestly at face value. In an effort to impress, I ended up harassing people way more than I intended!

As if to say "I accept you in spite of your flaws and your broken, mangled face", Smiling at Neighbors had me smiling to myself in spite of everything.